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Mission Himalayan 

What Is It All About?

Himalayan Mountain Gear (HMG) was founded by Seth Quigg, a resident of Crested Butte, Colorado. Seth has been working in the international adventure travel and cross-cultural education fields since 2002 and first started working in Nepal in 2010. Through multiple expeditions and service projects in Nepal, Seth realized a need for two things. First, many people living and working in the Himalaya do have access to warm and durable outdoor gear. Second, outdoor gear in the USA is overpriced and often without concern for social and environmental impacts. The idea was born to create a philanthropic outdoor gear company called Himalayan Mountain Gear. The organization aims to be socially responsible. With every jacket purchased in the USA, a portion of revenue is donated to our international local nonprofit partners who lead projects in the places we visit. Currently, project design and implementation happens in coordination with the Mother and Children Art Foundation benefiting the schools in Kakani Village, Nepal.


Himalayan Mountain Gear

The Collection



Students of the  Shree Kakani Ganesh Secondary School, KaKani, Nepal

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