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The Mother and Children Art Foundation (MCAP) is a non-governmental organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The organization's main principle is teaching mothers in Kathmandu the ancient art of Tankha painting with the intention of creating a sustainable way for single mothers to generate revenue by selling their paintings. Furthermore, MCAF supports multiple schools all over Nepal and makes subjective assessments on how to support each school. HMG will be working directly with the Shree Kakani Ganesh Secondary School.

Shree Kakani Ganesh Secondary School is located in Kakani village, which lies roughly 20 miles northwest of Kathmandu, Nepal, at an elevation of roughly 7,000 ft. In Kakani village, there are around 150 families, and the population is roughly 1200. The people are devout Buddhists, practice subsistence farming, and 40% of the villagers are illiterate. The village was badly affected by the earthquake in 2015, and there are many houses that have not been rebuilt.

The school consists of 11 employees and has 90 students who are well below the poverty line. The Nepali government does not have enough money to support this school. The students need uniforms and clothing, desks and furniture, school supplies, and other infrastructure.

Himalayan Mountain Gear proceeds are used to support the teachers, students, and families of Shree Kakani Ganesh Secondary School in partnership with the Mother and Childern Art Foundation.


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